About Us

DIY Wild is a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centre based at the foot of the stunning Hlumu Hlumu Mountains in the Mpumalanga region of South Africa.

We are the only primate rehabilitation in the province, and as such our work focuses mainly on vervet monkeys. The majority of these monkeys come in as tiny babies after their mothers have been shot, poisoned or hit by cars or killed so that people can raise the baby as a pet.

We also take in any other wildlife that needs to be rescued and to date have successfully worked with mongoose, many antelope and bird species, warthog, bushpigs, bushbabies, small predators and reptiles.

DIY Wild is a non profit organisation and, with no government support, relies solely on the donations from volunteers to continue its vital work. Without the volunteers, DIY Wild would not exist and the many animals we take in each year would not have a future.